Apple to pay $500m Compensation for

deliberately slowing down battery


The Saga in relation to the disclosure that Apple had deliberately slowed down the battery performance of older iPhones is nearing a conclusion as a result of its agreement to pay some $500m in compensation arising from a class Action in the US.

The settlement, which is without admission of liability on the part of Apple is subject to approval by a Judge in the US.

Back in 2017 Apple admitted that it had deliberately slowed down some iPhones as they got older, confirming the suspicion of many owners of the older iPhone models.

The decision by Apple to slow down the performance of the phones was cited by the Plaintiff’s as an example of “planned obsolescence” on the part of Apple.

As a result of complaints made by the owners of the older phones Apple had to come clean and provided cut price battery replacements.

Under the settlement US owners of iPhone 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, and SE models will be entitled to $25 each but that could vary depending on individual circumstances. Any owners who allowed their names to be used in the litigation will receive $1,500 each. Claimants who actually gave evidence will receive $3,500 each and the lawyers will receive $93m in respect of Professional fees and $1.5m outlay.

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