Dramatic Fall in number of

Personal Injury Claims in UK

Figures released by the Ministry of Justice in the UK confirm that there has been significant decline in the number of new Personal Injuries Claims in the UK in the Third Quarter of 2018. The figures indicate that the level of new Personal Injury Claims is now at its lowest in almost seven years.

30,513 Personal Injury Claims were issued in the Magistrates & County Courts during the Third Quarter of this year. This represents a fall of 20% on the same period in 2017. The figures for the entire year up to the end of September show a drop of more than 11,000 claims when compared with the same period in 2017.

The Ministry of Justice said that much of the decline is as a result of whiplash reforms and changes in Civil Procedure Rules relating to holiday package gastric illness claims. However it has to be noted that this decline took place even before the latest whiplash reforms have been enacted into Law. It is expected that further significant declines will be recorded once those reforms come into force.

Those new reforms, as previously reported, will bring into Law a significant reduction in the amount of compensation payable for so called whiplash injuries. The small claims limit will be increased to £5,000 for RTA claims and £2,000 for other types of Personal Injury Claims.

Last April the UK Government enacted into Law fixed recoverable costs for holidays sickness claims. These are the latest in a series of reforms enacted by successive UK Governments to reduce the number and costs of compensation claims. Previously referral fees and inducements were outlawed and the fixed costs for whiplash claims were significantly reduced and success fees and after the event insurance were abolished.

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