Electric Cars to have Audible Warning Siren

In an “echo” of the rules requiring person to walk in front of a motor vehicle carrying a red flag in the early days of the motor vehicle at the beginning of the twentieth century, an EU rule came into force on the 1st of July 2019 which provides that new electric vehicles will have to feature a noise emitting device which will sound like a traditional internal combustion engine which must automatically sound when the vehicle is reversing or travelling at a speed below 12 miles per hour (19km/h).

Apparently this rule has been introduced as a result of complaints that electric cars and vans are too quiet and pedestrians cannot hear the vehicles when they are approaching. However the UK Guide Dog Charity said that the new rule does not go far enough and that electric vehicles should emit a sound at all times and at all speeds. At present the new rule which it believes will be expanded as time goes on gives the driver the ability to deactivate the AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alert System) if the driver thinks that that is necessary.

From 2021 all new electric cars must be equipped with AVAS not just new models of electric cars.

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