"Ghost" Insurance Broker sentenced

for selling fake policies

A person described as a “ serial fraudster” has been sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court for 18 counts of fraud for selling fake insurance policies.

Investigators , having interviewed the “ policyholders” identified Imran Rafique as the common denominator. It appears that he was the person who sold the policies to various members of the public between January and October 2016.

Rafique pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment suspended for 16 months , 300 hours community work, 3 month’s curfew, and was ordered to reimburse his victims and pay Court Costs.

The investigation was initiated by Hastings Insurance, who then contacted the Police ( Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department) and other affected insurers.

The parties to whom the fake policies were sold co-operated with the investigations.

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