Judge awards £400,000 compensation to

Lawyer who sacrificed her career to

look after couple's children

The High Court in London has a made an Order that a couple, both lawyers should share their £10m assets equally but also awarded an additional £400,000 compensation to the Wife who was educated at Cambridge University as compensation for curtailing her legal career in order to focus on looking after the couple’s two children. The couple, both lawyers, were married for some ten years before the marriage broke down.

In a landmark ruling Mr. Justice Moor having decided that the assets should be divided equally said that the Husband was able to progress his “stellar” career and that the Wife who stayed at home looking after the children had suffered a “relationship generated disadvantage” as a result of this and on that basis she was entitled to the additional payment.

The unnamed couple live in London and the Court stated that the woman took the view that she was the person who took primary responsibility for the children and she allowed the Husband’s career to take precedence over this.

The Court acknowledged that the decision was somewhat unusual but same was obviously welcomed by the lawyers acting for the Wife and Mother of the children as just compensation for the sacrifice she had made to her career by staying at home with the two children. Lawyers for the successful party said that the Court affirmed the principle of compensation in cases of “relationship generated disadvantage”.

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