Judge dismisses dishonest Holiday

Compensation Claim by Police Officer

Katie Miles a Police Office serving in the Nottinghamshire Police Force was found to be fundamentally dishonest in respect of a Holiday Compensation Claim which she brought to Court following upon a holiday which she took in Sharm El-Sheikh in 2015.

The Police Officer said that she developed food poisoning during the holiday and was confined to her Hotel room suffering from all of the usual side effects of drastic food poisoning.

As a result of this Ms. Miles lodged a claim for compensation against Thomas Cook the Travel Agent. As part of the litigation process Ms. Miles was requested to produce her holiday photographs and videos. Unfortunately for Ms. Miles the material produced included photographs of her on a Quad biking excursion in the desert, going on a Camel ride and on a Boat trip.

When questioned in relation to how she could go on these trips and undertake these activities when she said that she was suffering from drastic food poisoning she said that having paid for the trips she didn’t want to waste the money and didn’t want to let her family down.

During further questioning the claimant said that the food poisoning illness was the worst she had experienced in her whole life and that the symptoms continued for some two or three months. Despite this however she did not visit a doctor at the Hotel at the Resort or contact her G.P. when she returned to the UK.

The Court found that the version of events put forward by the Claimant lacked any credibility. The Court found that if the Claimant had developed symptoms as severe as she made out, she would not have ventured into the desert riding a Camel and she would have gone for medical treatment. The Court held that there was no factual basis to support the contents of her witness statement.

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