UK Director of claims management Company sold

Personal Data to Claimants' Solicitors

Manchester Crown Court last week fined a Director of a claims management company and made further Orders against him including a five year disqualification from acting as a Director of any Company and an Order forfeiting his computer and also directed confiscation of his assets pursuant to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 in the sum of circa £1.4m after he pleaded guilty to illegally obtaining personal data of people and selling that data to Solicitors pursuing Personal Injury Claims.

David Cullen from Manchester was Managing Director of Non-Accident Claims Limited also based in Manchester from 2010 up until the liquidation of the Company two years later. His company obtained personal data illegally and then sold that data which related to persons who had been involved in road accidents to Solicitors who presumably then contacted those persons to see if they wished to pursue personal injury claims.

Mr. Cullen pleaded guilty to twenty one charges of unlawfully obtaining and selling personal data contrary to the Data Protection Act 1998. A representative of the Information Commissioner’s Office stated that Mr. Cullen had a very significant amount of confidential personal information in his possession.

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