US: - Woman from Ohio who slipped on a

"wet floor" sign at Casino awarded $3 million

A woman from Ohio in the United States has been awarded $3m by a Jury in Hamilton County as a result of an accident at Jack Casino in Cincinnati.

The lady, Lynda Sadowski said that in September 2016 she was in the Casino when she tripped and fell over a “wet floor” sign which had previously been knocked down and was lying on the floor. The Jury concluded that the Casino had failed to use ordinary care and to maintain a safe environment which caused the injury sustained by the Claimant.

The lawyer acting for the injured party said that an employee of the Casino had walked around the sign moments before the accident, without picking it up. He also said that the Casino had no safety policies in place for floor protection or prevention of falls and internal documents presumably disclosed by way of Discovery revealed that the Casino did hold its own employee responsible for simply walking around the hazard and failing to remove it.

Ms Sadowski sustained a number of injuries including a broken kneecap requiring surgery to insert metalwork to fix the fracture and that has led to the early onset of arthritic changes in the injured knee which may require further surgery.

The Defence put forward by the Casino included an allegation that the hazard was there for all to see and that the Claimant had an equal opportunity to notice the hazard and avoid it but did not do so.

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