Website Policies: Health Check Your Website!

When was the last time you reviewed your website policies?  Do you even have any? Does your online retail and marketing activities comply with national and European laws?  Not sure?  We can help!

Entrepreneurs considering an online presence rightly focus on the design, appearance and functionality of their website, after all it’s all about repeat visits to the website.  However, in their eagerness to get their business online, owners sometimes neglect to ensure compliance with privacy, data protection and consumer laws.

Many websites allow more than just passive viewing of their content.  The growing trend is to encourage users greater interaction with websites and other users, for example though user profiles, internal messaging and product reviews.  However, with this interaction comes a greater need for the website to define permitted use and have robust disclaimers.   

It is important for businesses to get this right from the start.  Failing to do so could lead to consumer complaints, contractual disputes, claims for intellectual property infringement and offences under privacy and data protection laws, to name but a few.

Our Commercial Law team has a wealth of experience advising businesses of all stages and sizes, on matters concerning their online presence.  We encourage our clients to put in place website policies that properly reflect their online activities, thereby resisting the temptation of ‘borrowing’ other websites’ policies, which may be wholly inappropriate for their own business.

We can review the layout, function, data collection and business of your website to see whether your published policies (if any!) are adequate and suggest improvements where necessary.  So whether your policies need a minor tweak or a complete overhaul, we have the experience to give you confidence in your policies.

For an exploratory chat, with no obligation, please contact Robert (01 240 1218) or Helen (01 240 1232) or email