US Oil Companies settle Earthquake Claims
A Class Action Lawsuit in the United States alleged that salt water disposal Well operations by three US Oil Companies - Spess Oil Company, Equal Energy US, and Fairfield Oil and Gas Corporation, caused earthquakes in 2011 near the Oklahoma town of Prague. One earthquake reached a magnitude of 5.7, effecting over 170 homes in the area.
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Dramatic Fall in number of Personal Injury Claims in UK
Figures released by the Ministry of Justice in the UK confirm that there has been significant decline in the number of new Personal Injuries Claims in the UK in the Third Quarter of 2018. The figures indicate that the level of new Personal Injury Claims is now at its lowest in almost seven years.
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Referral By Insurer Leads to conviction of Insurance Fraud Ring
Five men from London have been sentenced to a combined total of fourteen years in prison after being caught attempting to defraud insurers of sums totalling almost Stg£1m by way of sophisticated fraudulent property loss claims
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Johnson & Johnson win talcum powder cancer case
Johnson & Johnson one of the world's leading manufacturers of Personal Care and Hygiene Products has successfully defended a long running case brought against it by a lady who alleged that Talc based products manufactured by the Company including its baby powder contain Asbestos and caused her Cancer.
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Government Agencies disagree over cancer danger from mobile phone use
In the United States the National Toxicology Programme has stated that its research has caused it to have concerns in relation to a possible link to heart and brain cancer from a study of male rats that was published within the last number of months.
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Injury Claims Mount Against Electric Scooter Firms
A Class Action Law Suit was filed on the 19th of October 2018 in Los Angeles County Superior Court by nine people who say they were injured as a result of using Electric Scooters.
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Whiplash Claims - UK
The House of Commons passed all stages of the Civil Liability Bill last week which provides for sweeping reforms of compensation claims in England and Wales.
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U.S Supreme Court: Complaint against lawyers relating to Justice Kavanaugh appointment
A complaint has been filed against the lawyers who represented Christine Blasey Ford, the person who accused then Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual abuse against her arising from an incident going back to his teens .
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Judge upholds Jury finding that Roundup causes cancer but reduces level of award
Bayer AG has failed to persuade a judge in California to overturn the finding of a jury that it was responsible for manufacturing a product which caused cancer to a former school groundskeeper who had used the product ( Roundup) over a period of time.
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Aggressive/Expensive Litigation Tactics
A UK High Court Judge recently berated what he described as aggressive Litigation tactics “from an earlier era”. The Honourable Mr. Justice Fraser, a Judge of the High Court of England and Wales, conceded that there was little more that he could do to put a halt to Litigation opponents engaging in tactics which clearly served to prolong matters and lead to excessive legal costs
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Recoverable Benefits and Assistance Scheme
The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection has claimed that some compensators (i.e. Insurers or Self-Insured Defendants) are deliberately attempting to avoid making payments to the Department under the above scheme.
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Payment of Compensation in Catastrophic Injury Cases by way of periodic payments
With effect from 1st October 2018 the Courts are empowered to make awards of Damages in cases of catastrophic injury, by way of Periodic Payment Orders. This arises as a result of the signing by the Minister for Justice of the necessary Commencement Orders in relation to the relevant parts of the Civil Liability (Amendment) Act 2017.
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Costs Differential Order
The Court of Appeal delivered an interesting and important Judgement in relation to this topic, on the 24th of July 2018. In the case of Jibran Moin (Plaintiff) v Veronica Sicika (Defendant) and John O’Malley (Plaintiff) v David McEvoy (Defendant) each Plaintiff was awarded Damages by the High Court but the Damages awarded were within the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court. In each case the Trial Judge in the High Court awarded costs of the Proceedings to each Plaintiff on the Circuit Court scale with a Certificate for Senior Counsel.
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BICC Breakfast
Is the lack of Irish women directors a question of talent or simply a lack of demand from male dominated board? O'Rourke Reid Law Firm co-hosted a British Irish Chamber breakfast on Wednesday 27 February at the Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin 4 which aimed to spotlight the low representation of Women on Boards in Ireland.
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Data Protection Update
Last year, the Data Protection Commissioner was involved in two cases of note which highlight the provisions that companies are now required to abide by. The first related to CCTV footage of an accident on a Dublin Bus. The second related to the failure to protect personal data held on laptop computers.
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The Notary Public
A Notary Public is a public officer established in law to serve the public in non-contentious matters usually concerned with foreign or international business.
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Companies Bill 2012
The end is in sight for long gestation period for company law reform in Ireland following publication of the Companies Bill 2012 (the 'Bill'). Portrayed as the longest substantive bill in the history of the State, the Bill consolidates the 16 existing Companies Act 1963 - 2012.
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A Taste of Britain
O'Rourke Reid were delighted to have been one of the sponsors of 'A Taste of Britain', aimed at introducing UK food and drink SMEs to the Irish marketplace. The event took place in and around Dublin city on 26 and 27 September last.
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Your Business Online BICC
The British Irish Chamber of Commerce held a Networking Breakfast Seminar, sponsored by O'Rourke Reid Law Firm, entitled "Your Business Online" on Thursday morning 13th September 2012 at the Ballsbridge Hotel in Dublin
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