Data Protection

We advise on all aspects of the handling of personal data.  Our solicitors keep up-to-date on developments in this ever-changing area so our clients are confident their activities are compliant with all relevant regulations.

We advise on registrations with the Data Protection Commissioner, handling of personal data, access requests, data breaches and company policies.  Our clients include global companies and Ireland’s largest producer organisation.

Our data protection services include advising on matters concerning:-

  • Registration obligations with the Data Protection Commissioner;
  • Compliance advice for data controllers and data processors;
  • Advice and drafting of data protection notices and policies;
  • Access Requests; 
  • Data protection audits;
  • Record retention;
  • Internal Privacy Policies and Website Privacy Statements;
  • Marketing issues (opt-outs and opt-ins);
  • Transfers of personal data outside of the European Economic Area;
  • Data transfer and data processing agreements;
  • Electronic communications and privacy regulation advice.